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Dispersing, wetting and compatibility agents for agrochemical formulations.

LUCRAMUL® PPS 16 is an Arylethylphenylpolyglycoletherphosphate, especially suitable for SC formulations.

LUCRAMUL® PPS K 16 is an Arylethylphenylpolyglycoletherphosphate, potassium salt, especially suitable for SC formulations.

LUCRAMUL® PPS A 16 is an Arylethylphenylpolyglycoletherphosphate, triethanolamine salt, especially suitable for EW and SC formulations.

LUCRAMUL® PPS A 16/60 is the diluted form of LUCRAMUL® PPS A 16 (Solvent: Propylenglycol/Water)


Colour strength improver

The advantages of the product LUCRAMUL® WT 100 in the development of color shades can be seen easily in the direct comparison of colors with and without LUCRAMUL® WT 100. Below you will find some illustrating pictures.

Reproducible tests demonstrated that LUCRAMUL® WT 100 is giving improved color strength to organic pigments in water based pigment pastes. By using LUCRAMUL® WT 100 the rub-out effect is drastically improved, which could be an indication for a better compatibility between the lacquer and the pigment paste.

LUCRAMUL® WT 100 can be added directly during grinding or as post-additive afterwards. The presence of LUCRAMUL® WT 100 in the grinding phase leads additionally to a better dispersion and wetting behavior, which prevents sedimentation of the pigments. Pigment pastes containing LUCRAMUL® WT 100 have a reduced viscosity and lower foaming tendency.

The following pictures show the color strength in a top-coat lacquer:

Pigment: Hostaperm Orange GR (P. O. 43)
The rub-out-effect is significantly reduced by adding 1% LUCRAMUL® WT 100. The color shade is much stronger, brighter and more reddish.

Pigment: Carbon Black FW 200 (P. Bl. 7)
Without LUCRAMUL® WT 100 vertical and horizontal floating occurs. After the addition of 1% LUCRAMUL® WT 100, the color shade is significantly darker and the horizontal floating almost disappears.

LUCRAMUL® additives for printing inks industry

LEVACOs LUCRAMUL® product range includes a number of additives for printing inks for offset, flexographic and inkjet printing. Beside the main properties dispersing and wetting, LUCRAMUL® products have value-adding side-effects like adhesion and penetration promotion on substrate, levelling, viscosity adjustment, color strength enhancement of the pigments and improved compatibility of the systems. Our product range comprises dispersants for inorganic, organic, carbon black and effect pigments, which can be applied in water based and solvent based printing inks.

LUCRAMUL® DA 554 is especially recommended for the dispersion of organic pigments in waterbased printing inks. LUCRAMUL® DA 554 is a cost-effective dispersant, giving stable pigment dispersions with a good color strength and viscosity. It can be used for the preparation of pigment concentrates or for the direct dispersion of pigments in the printing ink. The product has a good compatibility towards various systems.

The LUCRAMUL® WT product series are silicone-free, low-foaming wetting agents, which can be applied in printing inks to enhance substrate wetting, levelling, color strength and compatibility of the ingredients..

Our product LUCRAMUL® WT 200 has a strong impact on the surface tension and is non-foaming. It is recommended for waterbased and high polar solvent based formulations. LUCRAMUL® WT 200 is a strong and fast performing wetting agent, free of APEO, alkynes and other critical substances. The product can be used to improve color strength, compatibility and wetting within the printing ink and also substrate wetting. Additionally, LUCRAMUL® WT 200 can act as a levelling agent.

LEVACO Chemicals is providing starting formulations for many pigments and systems using the LUCRAMUL® dispersants, wetting agents and LUCRAFOAM defoamers. Beyond that, LEVACO is offering technical service with our synthesis and application development laboratories. Technical data sheets and samples are available on request.


Adhesion Promoter with built-in corrosion inhibition

LUCRACHEM® MMP is a cross-linkable adhesion promoter in UV curing coatings and inks. When applied in waterborne formulations, LUCRACHEM® MMP gives additional flash rust inhibition properties to the system. LUCRACHEM® MMP can also be used as functional monomer for radical polymerisation.

LUCRACHEM® MMP contains both, phosphate functionality and radical reactive acrylic double bonds, which allows the compound to bind to radiation started polymerization or to cross link into a radial polymerized network. By these methods phosphate acid groups can be bound into the polymer and the polymer properties can be modified. In polymer dispersions LUCRACHEM® MMP works as internal emulsifier, which additionally improves the thermal stability and wetting properties of the dispersion. Formulations using such dispersions exhibit enhanced adhesion on mineral (e.g. glass) and metal substrates and have consequently a higher corrosion resistance.

Protective effect of LUCRACHEM® MMP against flash rust. The metal sheets are coated with a water based formulation and stored 28 days.

Hygiene Finish for Viscose Nonwoven Fibres

LUCRASPIN® IH 88, new, very low foaming spin finish, suitable for nonwoven hygiene viscose fibres, intended for the spunlace process.

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