Superabsorbent polymers for the cable industry

For the cable industry and its suppliers, LEVACO offers a broad range of water-swellable, water-absorbing and water-blocking polymers, so-called “superabsorbents” (SAPs), for all kinds of cables, such as high-voltage power cables, communication or optical-fibre cables.

The cable industry faces the challenge that defective cables can result in costly repairs, especially on installations that are difficult to reach.

Longitudinal water-blocking properties are a key requirement for all types of cables.

LEVACO products prevent water from entering a cable after damage of the shell and thereby sustain the effectiveness of the cable. In the event of damage and water penetration, LEVACO products quickly absorb the water, thereby expanding and sealing cavities along the cable avoiding further water penetration. Today these SAPs are integrated into almost all types of cables and hence maintain their efficiency.

The polymer product portfolio ranges from polymers for directly being integrated into cables to the manufacturing of water-blocking cable filling compounds or the production of water-swellable tapes and yarns.

Cable Structure

Cable Industry – LEVACO Superabsorbent Polymers – waterblocking and -absorbing properties


Cable Industry – LEVACO Superabsorbent Polymers

Superabsorbent Polymers –
water-blocking System

Superabsorbent powders – DEFOSORB®

A range of water-swellable and water-blocking powdered polymers that prevents water from penetrating in all kinds of cables to maintain their efficiency. The product range includes polymers for direct entry into the cable, water-blocking cable filling compounds and Superabsorbent Polymers for swellable tapes.

Product Overview – DEFOSORB®

Product Application Application advantages
DEFOSORB® CA 50 SAP for direct integration into cables and additive for the production of cable filling compounds
  • Highly effective protection for high voltage cables against water ingress
  • Significantly improves the water blocking properties of cable filling compounds
  • Meets the standard “Water Penetration Test”
DEFOSORB® CL 600 SAP for the production of water-blocking swelling tapes
  • Enables the production of tapes with very high water-absorbing properties, high swelling speed.

Further DEFOSORB® grades with different PSD are available in our download area, even tailor-made SAP powders could be made!

Advantages of jellies with DEFOSORB® CA 50

  • Jelly with DEFOSORB® CA 50 performs by far more efficient in terms of the water-blocking-ability
  • Handling is easier and safer as there is no dust occurring while applying into the cable
  • In combination with a wetting agent in the jelly-composition, an enormous absorption speed can be achieved, so that the penetration of water into the cable is stopped immediately



LEVACO Superabsorbent powders for the cable industry – Waterabsorbing and -blocking properties

Superabsorbent Powders - DEFOSORB®

Liquid Superabsorbents (SAPs) – DEFOPOL

The coating of yarns and fibres with the liquid superabsorbent DEFOPOL facilitates the processing and winding. Deposits on machine parts are reduced or completely prevented. These improvements enable cost-cutting potentials by reducing maintenance work.

Product Overview DEFOPOL

Product Application Application advantages
DEFOPOL MX 60 Liquid SAP for the coating of water-swellable yarns and fibres
  • Provides yarns with high swelling- and water-blocking properties
  • Easy handling
DEFOPOL MX 90 Liquid SAP for the coating of water-swellable yarns and fibres
  • Provides yarns with high swelling- and water-blocking properties
  • Easy handling
  • Based on a biodegradable oil phase
DEFOPOL DB 5069 Water-based coating for the production of highly swellable yarns
  • Coating must be dried and crosslinked at 180°C / 60 sec.
  • Allows extremely high absorption quantities
  • High swelling speeds

Liquid superabsorbents for yarn coatings – DEFOPOL MX 90

DEFOPOL MX 90 is a newly developed water-in-oil emulsion for yarn coatings, to provide yarns and fibres with water-absorbing and water-blocking properties. Yarns/fibres fitted with DEFOPOL MX 90 are required and used in the cable industry. DEFOPOL MX 90 has the following advantages:

  • improved, higher water absorption
  • acrylamide-free
  • oil phase based on environmentally friendly, degradable ester oils
  • easy processing and coating of yarns and fibres
  • forms no or only limited sedimentations on machine components and yarn guides
  • easy winding of the coated yarns and fibres


Cable Industry – Liquid Superabsorbent - DEFOPOL®

Liquid Superabsorbent DEFOPOL