Agro Solutions

Title Edition  
Agro Solutions - Adjuvants & Additives 2020 Download
Agro Solutions - Tank Mix Adjuvants 2021 Download
Agro Solutions - LUCROP Ban 2018 Download

The following whitepaper is available on request.

  • How to identify Penetration Enhancers to boost the Performance of Systemic Pesticides


Antifoam & Food Solutions

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Antifoam & Food Solutions 2020 Download

Following whitepaper / case studies are available on request.

  • Cost saving in a starch factory by reducing the antifoaming agent demand
  • Increasing occupational safety by using a natural biostabilizer for the regulation of lactic acid in sugar production
  • Cost saving in sugar beet factories by reducing the total cost of the antifoaming agent used in extraction, juice cleaning and evaporation
  • Biobased antifoaming agents increase occupational safety and enhance sustainability in beet sugar production


Coating Solutions

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Coating Solutions - Coatings & printing inks 2019 Download

Fibre Solutions

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Fibre Solutions - Auxiliaires for man-made fibre 2021 Download
Fibre Solutions - Surfactants and auxiliaries for hygiene nonwoven 2021 Download
Fibre Solutions – Superabsorbent polymers (SAP) for the cable industry 2022 Download

Paper Solutions

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Paper Solutions 2020 Download

Following whitepaper/case studies are available on request.

  • Cleaner for the entire paper machine circuit
  • Reduction of organic acids and water hardness in the paper machine circuit for fine papers
  • Reduction of organic acids and water hardness in the paper machine circuit for packaging papers