Sustainable products for a green chemistry

We take our responsibility seriously: our company focuses on the development of sustainable products to make our customers' end products green or greener. As a mid-sized company, LEVACO is professionally positioned in the field of green chemicals. If a customer needs a green product, LEVACO can also respond to special customer requests at short notice, replace existing product components with native and sustainable alternatives or develop new sustainable products. In this way, more and more innovative, sustainable products are created.

Do you need an additive or process aid for a green or greener end product?

To do this, we determine your needs and analyze the technical and chemical options for replacing synthetic components with sustainable components. At the same time, we focus on ensuring that your new sustainable products perform even better than the synthetic variants to further optimize your processes. Ideally, we thus jointly develop new additives that are efficient and "green".

We research and develop for you - in pilot projects tailored to your specific request. We respond to customer requests quickly and with great flexibility.

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We invest in research & development and CO2-neutral production processes with an open eye on the market and for our customers - company-wide for all areas of LEVACO. Some of our sustainable products have already been tested on the market - with proven effectiveness: