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LEVACO Chemicals GmbH
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Managing Directors: Marius J. L. Mühlenberg und Jens Becker
Company Headquarters: Leverkusen
District Court: Cologne
HRB 59909
VAT-ID: DE 814773372

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The Web site is an Internet-based service of LEVACO Chemicals GmbH, Chempark Leverkusen, Kaiser-Wilhelm-Allee, 51368 Leverkusen – referred to in the following as “LEVACO”. The following Terms of Service govern access to and use of the contents of this Web site. They also apply for Web sites of companies connected with LEVACO accessed via links. By accessing this Web site the user accepts these Terms of Service. LEVACO is authorised to change the contents of these Terms of Service at any time, without prior notice. By continuing to use, the user declares his or her agreement with the changes.

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With the exception of specifically designated services made available to a closed user group (extranet), the contents posted on the Web site are open to anybody and may be used for personal reasons only. LEVACO reserves the right to terminate, expand or limit the contents of at any time. In the case of users registered for special services on extranet, the contractually agreed upon provisions for this service apply.


1. Use of this Web site is at the users own risk. Prices listed are as accurate as possible, but are not guaranteed. LEVACO accepts no responsibility for ensuring that this Web site is always available. In particular, LEVACO accepts no responsibility for the suitability of the contents for any particular purpose, for their accuracy and completeness, for their freedom from viruses or for their error-free transfer.

2. LEVACO accepts no responsibility for contents and services ordered or offered via a link by third parties not belonging to the group. In such cases, LEVACO merely provides access. To the extent that a user carries on legal business with third parties concerning, for example, the sale of goods or the provision of services, LEVACO is not a party to such business.
Neither rights nor duties for LEVACO derive from such business.

3. LEVACO S advises that it does not claim ownership of microsites, banners or other advertising spaces, and accepts no responsibility for these when their contents do not originate with LEVACO.

Exclusion of liability

LEVACO is responsible for damages, whatever their cause, only in the case of malicious intention or gross negligence of its employees or other vicarious agents. This also applies in the case of violations of obligations arising prior to or in connection with a contract. Responsibility for simple negligence is also rejected, to the extent that this does not involve significant contractual obligations. Claims for compensation are limited to typical foreseeable loss. In cases where services of third parties not belonging to the Group are made use of, LEVACO is not responsible for their qualitative or quantitative availability. The information on this Web site was compiled with due care. The purpose of the information is to inform visitors, not immediate application in, for instance, commercial or technical practice. In this situation, you should always consult us about the particular case. We accept liability only for malicious intent and gross negligence. Since we cannot influence or control the contents of Web sites to which links are connected, we accept no responsibility for their contents.

Rights to contents

All rights (e.g. copyrights, intellectual property or brand rights) for the contents of this Web site remain with LEVACO or its licensers. It is strictly forbidden to use information or trademarks from this Web site, or to reproduce, alter, re-distribute, publish, or download them, unless this is explicitly authorised in the Terms of Service. Registration from the extranet does not confer on the user any rights or licenses to the contents, with the exception of the restricted right to use the services and contents according to the terms of the Terms of Service or contractual agreements.