LEVACO: Sustainability for us and future generations

With the growing awareness of the issues of the greenhouse effect and climate change, the area of sustainability in the company takes on a significant strategic role for LEVACO - proactively, long before legal regulations can take effect in the future. Sustainability management thus assumes elementary importance at the highest level!

"The issue of sustainability is so important to us that we cannot afford to talk about banalities here. It affects us all, our children, the next generations, even ourselves already. Instead, we need to have a serious discussion about what measures will really have a positive effect on the climate to counteract climate change."

Marius J. L. Mühlenberg (CEO) & Jens Becker (CFO)
LEVACO Chemicals GmbH

LEVACO puts this responsibility into practice by developing green chemicals and striving for CO2 neutrality.

Ideal business environment for "green innovations”

LEVACO has created an ideal corporate environment with lean processes. Our experts in the business units develop ideas for green chemicals or CO2-neutral processes with an open eye for the market and customers. In this way, innovations and optimizations can be implemented quickly and specifically.

LEVACO also focuses on these topics in dialog with associations, customers, suppliers and at congresses, discusses them seriously and constantly puts the process to the test.

Sustainability has been an important part of LEVACO's corporate culture for years

Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)

A significant step towards increased sustainability is LEVACO's membership in the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), which is aiming to establish sustainably produced and traded palm oil as the norm along the entire supply chain.

The emphasis is on “sustainable” which includes

  • halting deforestation to reduce CO2 pollution,
  • treating communities and workers fairly and
  • protecting wildlife and the environment.
Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)

Our membership is a condition for the certification of our products. Our product range is subject to a strict audit in order to get certifications for each specific product. This involves screening the entire supply chain for the use of sustainably produced palm oil.

Contact us if you are interested in additives for your certified product with sustainably grown palm oil. We will include these additives in our certification audit as a priority!

I need a RSPO certified product.

Global Compact

We are participants of the UN Global Compact, and strongly support the aims of the UN Global Compact’s ten principles in the four areas of:

  • Human Rights
  • Labor
  • Environment
  • Anti-corruption