NEW – Antiscaling Agent for any heating or cooling surfaces

Wednesday, 10. May 2023

DEFOSCALE<sup>®</sup> - Effective against scaling

Reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions with DEFOSCALE®

Heating and cooling surfaces are often prone to the formation of deposits. Regardless of the industry, this scaling blocks heat transfer. The result: energy losses and an increased carbon footprint. The most effective way to counteract this is to prevent the formation of scaling on heating or cooling surfaces.

LEVACO has found a very effective answer with the development of the DEFOSCALE® antiscaling agent. The formation of scaling on heating surfaces, e.g. in evaporators, heat exchangers or distillation columns, is effectively prevented. DEFOSCALE® is added where the scaling occurs to keep the surfaces clean and effective in heat transfer. This reduces energy consumption and saves CO2 and costs.

DEFOSCALE® features:

  • High effectiveness against crystalline scalings.
  • Liquid with low viscosity, therefore easy to pump.
  • Can also be used at high temperatures.
  • Good mixability with other products.
  • Compliant for use in food production, kosher and halal.

Key benefits of DEFOSCALE®:

  • Energy saving
  • Better CO2 footprint
  • Less cleaning
  • Cleaner surfaces
  • More stable processes

Contact our team if you have any questions about the optimal use in your plant!

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