NEW SYSTEM CLEANER for the paper industry: "DEFOCLEAN® 222 mod1" for the entire paper machine circuit

Tuesday, 3. May 2022

All companies that produce paper inevitably have to deal with the challenge of contamination in the paper machine circuit. This is because these contaminants can become costly and affect the quality of the end product.

Everyone knows the negative effects:

  • Cleaning shutdowns to remove deposits are time-consuming and cost-intensive.
  • Contamination of the center roll can lead to severe picking.
  • Holes can appear on the paper because the felts are dirty.

With DEFOCLEAN® 222 mod1, LEVACO has developed a "green" product that acts as a system cleaner and multifunctional deposit preventer for the entire machine circuit.

The advantages are obvious:

  • Cleaning of the entire machine circuit
  • Prevention of deposit formation
  • Under creeping effect
  • Easily emulsifiable in water
  • WGK 1
  • BFR 36
  • For optimum protection of your employees
  • "Green chemical" - no hazard symbols
  • Reduced shutdown costs

If you know those problems and want to replace your current cleaner with a "green" product with all its benefits and proven efficacy, get in touch with us directly or request our case study on DEFOCLEAN® 222 mod1.

Case Study DEFOCLEAN® 222 mod1: Cleaner for paper machines

Case study

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