Online-Events 2021 & 2022 – FIBRE & CABLE DAYs a resounding success

Monday, 12. July 2021

We are very happy about the great success of these first two online events of the two companies of our group: LEVACO Chemicals GmbH and DEFOTEC Entschäumer Vertriebs GmbH. Numerous customers and interested parties followed the invitation and participated in the events.

During the FIBRE DAYs and CABLE DAYs, vistors were able to move around the virtual booths via our platform, read or download helpful information, watch videos, but also participate live in different informative conferences. In the conferences, experts from LEVACO and DEFOTEC provided detailed insights on technical topics from the fields of additives for man-made fibre production and superabsorbent polymers. This was followed by lively Q & A rounds with the participants. For detailed questions the experts were available for individual meetings. Throughout the FIBRE and CABLE DAYs, the team was online on the two days, during the opening hours from 8 am to 5 pm, in the live-chats of the virtual booths and was happy to receive a lot of inquiries.

 The FIBRE DAYs and CABLE DAYs are the first of many events that LEVACO Chemicals Group will offer in 2021 and 2022. Stay on the ball and follow LEVACO and DEFOTEC on LinkedIn or our event page - posts about new events will be published there regularly.

Feel free to visit us. We look forward to seeing you!

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