Optimize your processes with our defoamer tests on site in your production!

Thursday, 10. August 2023

LEVACO in action to optimize your current defoamer.

LEVACO is the only defoamer supplier in our focus markets with our own direct synthesis of raw materials. This competitive advantage enables us to develop the most efficient defoamers for our customers, tailored precisely to the application. We would be happy to convince you of this know-how on site in your production.

For accurate, true-to-life results, we take samples at your site with our mobile laboratory and analyze them without delay or changes due to transport.

Step 1 - Parameter check
You send us information on your processes so that we can select suitable defoamers out of our extensive range of products.

Step 2 - Test performed with our mobile laboratory on-site, results the same day!

Our mobile laboratory can also be used in all industries and process stages in which undesirable foam occurs.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.


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