Organic sugar production improved by processing aids

Thursday, 2. June 2022

LEVACO: ESST – Zuckerkonferenz (Reims, 22.-25.05.2022)

LEVACO's Antifoam & Food Solutions Business Unit is proud to have presented a new scientific poster at the 7th ESST-VDZ Conference in Reims, France, from 22 to 25 May 2022. LEVACO has developed two products that increase both occupational safety and the sustainability of end products.

Scientific studies and the use of the products in sugar factories have proven their enormous effectiveness.

DEFOSPUM® BIO BZ is an organic defoamer based on different vegetable oils of organic origin.

  • Can be used as an outside and inside antifoam: beet washing, diffusion, extraction, evaporation, juice purification
  • Under the most recent European regulations for organic production
  • Superior defoamer performance compared to other pure vegetable oils, proven on our Contifoam system and based on several sugar factory trials

Our new development DEFOSPUM® BIO BY even has a significantly superior long-term effect compared to sunflower oil and DEFOSPUM® BIO BZ. This innovation is currently being used successfully by the first customers.

The natural-based DEFOSTAB® 220 is used for regulating the lactic acid level in the extraction, which contributes to the stabilization of the pH value.

  • A natural biostabilizer produced from raw materials of native origin
  • Provides occupational safety and easier handling, as it is a not hazardous chemical
  • Listed as a processing auxiliary for the conventional and organic sugar production
  • Helps to control lactic acid levels in various stages of sugar production, subsequently reducing sugar losses
  • Used for more than 20 years in numerous beet sugar factories in Europe
  • Used without any further need for hazardous chemicals

If you couldn’t come to Reims for the Conference, just request the poster.

Scientific poster about organic sugar production

Scientific poster

“Organic sugar production improved by processing aids”

How the use of a natural biostabilizer and organic defoamers increase occupational safety and enhance sustainability

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