PAPER SOLUTIONS - Product innovation LUCRAMUL® EP VE01 - Volume booster for tissue and thickboard machines

Friday, 17. May 2024


LEVACO Paper Solutions has developed and brought to market the innovative volume enhancer LUCRAMUL® EP VE01: operational tests on a thick board machine show excellent performance with a volume increase of 20-25%.

This is achieved by altering the intermolecular attractive forces, increasing the distance of the hydrogen bonds and thereby increasing the volume of the paper. This leads to an effective reduction in production costs, as production volumes increase despite lower raw material input.

Furthermore, the use of LUCRAMUL® EP VE01 also optimizes the quality and properties of the end product, with particular suitability for the following applications:

  • Thick board and cardboards with high sheet weights (e.g., binders)
    Optimization: The paper becomes thicker and exhibits higher bending stiffness.
  • Tissue papers (e.g., tissues, toilet paper)
    Optimization: The paper becomes softer and fluffier.

We would be happy to visit you at your premises to demonstrate the effectiveness of LUCRAMUL® EP VE01 in a laboratory test.

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