Wednesday, 28. November 2018

LEVACO Chemicals GmbH looks to the future and expands to LEVACO Far East Ltd

LEVACO Chemicals GmbH looks to the future and expands to LEVACO Far East Ltd In March 2018, LEVACO Far East Ltd. opened its doors for business in Hong Kong.  Through the Hong Kong office, the focus of working with specialty chemicals throughout the Far East market has expande...

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Monday, 5. November 2018


In many chemical production processes, an unwanted by-product is the formation of crystallized reaction salts. These crystallized salts are solid and float in the liquid product. Not only do these crystallized salts not look good, but they can interfere with the application of the l...

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Thursday, 1. November 2018

LUCROP Tank mix adjuvant series - LUCROP ROIL

LUCROP ROIL is our new tank mix adjuvant to support farmers work by reducing these challenges. It prolongs the retention on plant surfaces. It supports an effcient spreading and coverage of the spray residues. Even on diffcult or wet leaf surfaces, it helps to adhere the pesticide....

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Sunday, 12. August 2018


LUCRAMUL® RL is an excellent dispersing agent. It has an active content of 100% which is the undiluted delivery form of LUCRAMUL® WNS. LUCRAMUL® RL is the perfect product for use in both the solvent based and water-based systems. It is also ideal for the dispersion of o...

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Wednesday, 1. August 2018


MATCHED SURFACTANT BLENDS FOR EC FORMULATIONS With LUCRAMUL® ECCO 1 and ECCO 2 Levaco addresses the demand for surfactant blends to prepare EC formulations. Here we present a set of two matched pair EC components. Regarding their HLB they are antagonists: LUCRAMUL® ECCO 1...

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Wednesday, 20. June 2018

LEVACO at the 12th International Banana Congress, Miami

LEVACO Chemicals GmbH once again participated in the 12th International Banana Congress. This year the host and organizers of the event were done by ACROBAT out of Ecuador on May 2-4 in Miami. This congress brings together the international community of the banana industry. Scienti...

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Monday, 18. June 2018

LEVACO at the 12th China Hangzhou Cellulose Fiber (Viscose) Industry Forum

LEVACO Chemicals GmbH once again participated at the "China Hangzhou Cellulose Fiber (Viscose) Industry Forum" with partner Henan May & Well I/E Co., Ltd. as a sponsor for the third consecutive year on May 22-24th. This forum is one of the top events in the Chinese and internati...

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Thursday, 14. June 2018

LEVACO at the EDANA International Nonwoven Symposium 2018, Rome

LEVACO Chemicals GmbH participated in this year's successful EDANA (European Association of the Nonwovens industry) event - "International Nonwoven Symposium." The symposium in Rome was on May 23rd and 24th. In attendance were 215 participants from 144 different companies in this "e...

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Wednesday, 9. May 2018

LEVACO from the Paint Expo 2018, Karlsruhe

The 7th World's Leading exhibition for Industrial Coating Technology in Karlsruhe has once again been a success for both visitors and exhibitors. The Paint Expo had 537 exhibitors from 29 different countries which have surpassed the number of exhibitors. Also, the number of attendee...

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Monday, 7. May 2018

LEVACO at the 19th China International Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibition, Shanghai

LEVACO Chemicals GmbH, together with the local partner H.J. Uncle, were in attendance and presented the latest products and innovations in the field of agrochemical formulations. The China International Agrochemicals & Crop Protection Exhibition has gone on for 19 years and is n...

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