Thursday, 14. June 2018

LEVACO at the EDANA International Nonwoven Symposium 2018, Rome

LEVACO Chemicals GmbH participated in this year's successful EDANA (European Association of the Nonwovens industry) event - "International Nonwoven Symposium." The symposium in Rome was on May 23rd and 24th. In attendance were 215 participants from 144 different companies in this "e...

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Wednesday, 9. May 2018

LEVACO from the Paint Expo 2018, Karlsruhe

The 7th World's Leading exhibition for Industrial Coating Technology in Karlsruhe has once again been a success for both visitors and exhibitors. The Paint Expo had 537 exhibitors from 29 different countries which have surpassed the number of exhibitors. Also, the number of attendee...

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Monday, 7. May 2018

LEVACO at the 19th China International Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibition, Shanghai

LEVACO Chemicals GmbH, together with the local partner H.J. Uncle, were in attendance and presented the latest products and innovations in the field of agrochemical formulations. The China International Agrochemicals & Crop Protection Exhibition has gone on for 19 years and is n...

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Monday, 16. April 2018

LEVACO Chemicals at the 12th China Hangzhou Cellulose Fiber (Viscose) Industry Forum, 23. – 24 May 2018, Hangzhou, China

The Cellulose Fiber (Viscose) Industry Forum is hosted by the China Chemical Fiber Group. The CCFG is a leading organization for the chemical fiber and textile industry worldwide. The Cellulose Fiber (Viscose) Industry Forum will address the current industry developments for the Cel...

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Thursday, 5. April 2018

LEVACO Chemicals at the International Banana Congress, May 2018, Miami, Florida USA

The XXII International Banana Congress ACROBAT 2018, 2 – 4 May 2018, in Miami. Together the Banana community of scientists, importers, exporters, buyers, producers and logistics managers will come together to address the key challenges within the banana industry.  LEVACO...

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Wednesday, 14. March 2018


LUCRAMUL® WT 400 is a levelling agent which is recommended for high speed applications, specifcally printing inks. In comparison to silicone and siloxane levelling agents it reduces the dynamic surface tension faster and promotes a better levelling of the coating, resulting in ...

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Thursday, 1. March 2018


LUCRAMUL® DA PRIME is a dispersing agent for organic pigments, inorganic pigments and carbon blacks. It can be used in water and polar solvents. Pigment concentrates with LUCRAMUL® DA PRIME offer good color stability and a low viscosity profle. Another application of LUCRAMU...

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Thursday, 22. February 2018

LEVACO Chemicals at the PAINT EXPO April 2018 / Karlsruhe, Germany

After successfully participating in the  EUROPEAN COATINGS SHOW and the CHINA COAT Exhibition in 2017, LEVACO´s  next exhibition will be at the PAINT EXPO. The PAINT EXPO is the World’s leading trade fair for industrial painting technology.  The PAINT EXPO...

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Tuesday, 20. February 2018

LEVACO Chemicals at the EDANA International Nonwovens Symposium, May 2018 Rome, Italy

The EDANA International Nonwovens Symposium, May 23 – 24, 2018, is the leading European event which addresses current industry developments and attracts top-level speakers and highly qualified professionals from across the Nonwovens and related industries. This year, LEVACO C...

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Saturday, 3. February 2018


LUCRAMUL® 554 is a powerful wetting and dispersing agent for organic pigments. With an active content of 60%, it is suitable for water-based systems. Through the variety of testing we have done in our lab, we have discovered the product has special abilities such as ist color in...

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